SADOWSKI EUROPEAN CABINETS is a division of sadabros renovations, company offer wide range of woodworking services as well provide all kinds of countertop and solid surfaces.

We will visit you in your home or workplace, assist with any design ideas, draw up plans, manufacture, install and clean up! Combining your ideas with our expertise we work with you to create the style, design and colour to suit your decor, needs and budget. We offer sercives for both residential and commercial sectors.

Remodeling your kitchen can cost more than renovating any other room in the house. This is mainly due to the huge cost of built-in cabinetry and major appliances found in most kitchens. Plumbing and wiring costs can add up too, if the house is old or if you want to knock out walls or move appliances around. Don’t let the cost of remodeling scare you. All the money will be well spent when you have a stylish and functional kitchen that can be the starting point for many great family meals.